Wednesday, September 24, 2008

oh oh oh, the sweetest thing

This is a public service announcement. One of my favorite friends Connie bakes for Layer Cake this cute little bakery in Irvine that I've just recently tried. It is amazingly delicious. Everything is made from scratch. The prices are a little high, but worth it. Flakey almond croissants, soft and spicy ginger cookies and the Decadent Mud Cup was just so darn good. It's chocolate pudding, a few pieces of brownie, a layer of ganache, and some cream on top. More please. I hear the sandwiches and other food is really good, too. I'll try those when I quit being distracted by desserts. Go there now and thank me later.

getting to know you, getting to know all about you

Monday night I was eating dinner with friends from church and one of the guys had recently been on a first date. He was planning on asking her out again. He said I knew who his date was, but he wouldn't tell me her name. That just makes me want to know all the more.

Last night I was talking to my friend Matt and he also was secretive about something. When I asked questions, he said, "You're getting all Jessica Fletcher on me." It's true. I want to know things, things that are probably none of my business.

My dad is like that, too, but he's better at getting information. I recently went to an etiquette class given by my friend Erin. She mentioned that the three things you shouldn't ask people are about their age, weight, and income. Those are some of my dad's favorite questions. And he gets away with it! One time (of the many times) we were at El Pollo Loco there was a young guy there dressed just like my dad in dark pants, white button down, and red tie. I said, "Look Dad, it's a younger you." He said, "Oh, I'm not that heavy." I replied, "He looks about right." He turned to the guy and asked, "What do you weigh?" Without blinking the guy said, "260." He ended up having dinner with us. My brother-in-law Brock does an impression of my dad saying, "What are you making? What's your net?" When we told my dad he wasn't bothered. Instead he said, "That's not right. I ask about gross, not net."

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I think you're crazy just like me

I've been "tagged" to share some of my quirks. In the past I used to worry
way too much about what everyone else thought and did. Of course, I'm still
plenty self conscious, but I figure if I do anything, there must be millions who
do exactly the same thing. Makes me feel normal, I guess. I'd be happy to
discuss other peoples quirks, but that might not be fair, so here are a few of mine.

I love infomercials. A few of my more recent favorites are the Magic Bullet and
Kinoki Footpads. And I'm here to tell you that the Ped Egg works and can be
purchased at Target. When I was a young I was obsessed with this purse that was
advertised on TV. It was a large structured bag that came in a couple of different colors, had your initials stiched down the front flap, and about a dozen different pockets. My dear mom bought me that purse and I loved it. Basically I was an eight year old walking around with the purse of an 80 year old.

Speaking of handbags, I find things in mine that don't belong to me. I say
"find" because I don't remember putting them there. About a month ago
Christine and I were both leaving the house at the same time in the morning.
She couldn't find her keys. Sometimes we both leave our keys on the kitchen
counter, so I thought just maybe I had accidentally put them in my purse. I
had. Luckily we were both there and I quickly found them. A few days later,I
was sleeping when I heard a knock on my door. Christine was missing her keys
again and wondered if I had them. Yes, they were in my purse again. What's up
with that? I asked her if she had started documenting my mental decline. I
sent an email apologizing. Her reply, "Last night I saw my keys on the counter
and a little voice told me to put them in my purse. I guess you heard the same
little voice." Good one, Christine. I also collect pens. Christine, are you
wondering where your Families Supporting Adoption pen is?

Monday, September 8, 2008

i always feel like somebody's watching me, can i have some privacy?

I love celebrity sitings. A couple of days ago, I saw Vicki from the Real Housewives of Orange County shopping in Nordstrom with her daughter. For a Bravo TV watcher this is an actual star siting. They were on their way out, which was good because then I couldn't follow them even if I wanted to as I had just entered the store. In high school, I saw Ted McGinley shopping in Fashion Island. I was with my dad and told him I'd be right back, then proceeded to follow Ted around for a few minutes. I had to be sure it was him. Many years ago I saw the youngest Walton girl at Atlantis Park. Once I saw Mike Lookinland, aka Bobby Brady, in a parking structure in Park City. My friends and I made a lap. Again, just to be sure it was him. This is not stalking! He stopped and talked to us for awhile. But my very best one was talking to John Stamos at Knott's Berry Farm. This was back when he was "Blackie" on General Hospital and had that long, feathered hair. Oh yeah. My sister Cathy and I went up to talk to him. I would never do that now. It was the kewlest.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

little miss can't be wrong

Not to brag, okay, to brag, but I'm pretty good at solving mysteries before the ending. I have my sister Alison convinced that I've never seen a movie that I couldn't figure out. Of course it's not true, but I like to pretend. I remember several years ago there was a made for TV movie that had me completely stumped. It was a woman in peril movie starring Annie Potts. It turned out she was stalking.......herself! Still brings me chills.

Rosanne helped with this blog title but assures me that it's not, "been a whole lot easier since the %!^@& left town, been a whole lot happier without her face around." Good to know.