Thursday, February 5, 2009

anything you want, you got it

The other day in class, I noticed that I had lost a brand new charm from my silver bracelet. We all looked, but no luck. It was gone. The next day Britney quietly handed me a little bag. She had bought me a pink rhinestone heart charm from Gap Kids to replace the one I had lost.

The week before we let out for Christmas vacation, my students asked me what I wanted them to give me for Christmas. I told them that I love to receive handmade cards with heart felt notes. They asked, "But don't you like diamonds?" I laughed and said I did. A few days later Lesley came with a wrapped box and I opened it to find a small blue glass paperweight that has been cut with facets like a diamond. On the last day of school before the break, several students brought me cards and little gifts. Capri was so excited. Her card read, "Ms. Curtis, thank you for being a good teacher and having pashunts. I like your pursonality." Her gift was a giant pink glass "diamond" paperweight. The class has oohed and ahhed and loved looking at and holding them. They are a sweet reminder to me that my students want to give me what they think I want the most.