Thursday, April 30, 2009

a little bit of this, a little bit of that

Over spring break I bought a new bike and I love it. It's fun and it's exercise. Those things don't often go together in my world. I had intended to get one of those cute beach cruiser type of bikes in a bright blue or white, but ended up with this kind of tough looking matte black bike. I chose it because it's better for riding distances. I girled it up with a big floral bell. The goal is to increase my distance a little at a time until I'm riding to the beach and back.

I'm not working this summer because our district isn't having summer school. I'll miss the extra money, but I usually just end up whining about summer school assignments anyway. I'd try for a part time job, but the ways things are right now I don't think I'd be too successful. I guess I'll just have to play all summer long.

Hey, that chiropractor stuff worked for me! I'm feeling all better!

Sorry for those that hoped the title of this blog entry was going to continue with the lyrics to the song. No such luck.