Thursday, November 27, 2008

you've been so kind and generous, i don't know how you keep on giving

The drive that I anticipated being long and boring was kind of fun. There's nothing wrong with singing the Carpenters outloud when you're all alone. Unlike when I'm singing while driving with my brother and he asks, "Who sings this?" And when I answer he says, "Well why don't we let them."

On Tuesday evening I arrived at Kim's house in Henderson. She said, "Let's put your things in your room," which had some chocolates, a little loaf of pumpkin bread, a bottle of water, and a little bottle of shampoo and conditioner. It was better than a swanky hotel. She knows how to make someone feel welcome and comfortable. We had dinner and talked and talked. Then I went to sleep in one of the most comfortable beds with the best pillows ever, which I'll be getting soon (Sleep Innovations available at Costco). I slept in until after 10. It's hard to do that away from home. Later, she gave me a cute little silver frog charm (long standing joke), then before I got in my car to leave there was a cold water bottle, granola bar, and banana tucked into my bag. I'm thankful for such a great friend. Thanks for everything, Kim. It was so fun and just what I needed. I'll be coming back soon.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

the long and winding road

I'm off to St. George to see my people for Thanksgiving- all around wonderful brother Matthew, beautiful and kind sister-in-law Megan, adorable nephew Chase, and sweet baby Gracie Lu. I was thinking maybe I'd just stay home and visit later (car air conditioner blowing warm air, radio out of commission, long drive alone), but realized I'd just be sad not to be with them. I was also looking forward to seeing my friend Kim who has invited me to stay over Tuesday night. I'm also hoping to see my friend Gayla. Christine has saved the day (again) and loaned me her Ipod. Christine is my angel of music. It will make all the difference.

Friday, November 21, 2008

misty water-colored memories

Just remembering when Saturday mornings meant cartoons instead all the other stuff it means now.

"Wonder twin powers-activate! Shape of an eagle, form of an ice cube." I think the girl twin always had to be a type of bird and the boy twin was some form of water. He'd be a stream and his face would be floating and talking in the water. Creepy. I loved the All New Super Friends Hour. They'd meet around that big table and have a superheroes committee meeting. Then there were other great shows like H.R. Pufnstuf with Eddie and his talking whistle. "Save me, Eddie!" Don't even get me started on Land of the Lost with Chaka.